Burning Tree Closing Night

I spent the summer and early fall serving at the Burning Tree restaurant on Mount Dessert Island. Each year for closing night the staff picks a theme, decorates the dinning rooms and dresses to impress the guests. This years theme was “In the Garden,” and I headed up the decorating committee. I cut hundreds of white paper butterflies to hang by the entrance, and created too many colorful tissue paper flowers. We made garlands from bittersweet, squash and gourd vines and put up beautiful antique paper lanterns throughout the dining rooms. For the costume portion of the event I made a cabbage dress for a fellow server, and was a crow made with trash bag feathered wings. If you ever find yourself on MDI you must stop and enjoy a dinner at The Burning Tree, it is by far the best dining experience on the island.











2 responses to “Burning Tree Closing Night

  1. YAY!!!! oh my goodness hayley, you did so much work! i love all the flowers and butterflies!

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