The Trenton Auction

I attended my first auction a week ago. I was so excited I dressed up for the occasion which in retrospect maybe was a bit much, but oh well. I got to the hall a half an hour ’til kick off and scoured over the goods. Trader Bill had advertised vintage clothing and panties ( it was all I could do to fall asleep the night before.) In person the clothing was a bit to be desired, so I moved onto the tables around the perimeter of the room. I scanned lunch trays covered with rusting door knobs, retired tools and too many tin boxes for everyone in the room. Then I found them, a heaping pile of silver plated utensils! The pieces were all tarnished and need quite a bit of love, but I was ready for the challenge! I sat down and took in the first hour of the auction as Trader Bill brought each item up to bid, Grandma’s rose lamp, a child’s rocking horse, crickety dressers and dusty rugs. I payed close attention so that when it was my turn I would know how to use my neon orange card and by george it worked! I waited and let the bid go down and then came my moment, I jumped up out of my seat to wave my card. The audience let out a few chuckles and Trader Bill cracked a smile and wiped his brow. No one else seemed to pick up on how special this pile of silverware was so I went home with it all! Here is what it looked like after some extra lovin’.







One response to “The Trenton Auction

  1. Oh my Hayley, you lucky girl! This is all so beautiful. Dad would be proud of your auctioning skills. He bid against himself. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. You have a great eye!

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