topographical couture photo shoot

During my last day on Mount Dessert Island I climbed to the top of Cadillac Mountain (in a car) with three friends. I had gone up the day before and scouted the location for the shoot, it was a beautiful blustery day. Luckily Sunday was much warmer and the winds had calmed a bit. Audrey modeled and Lily and Abbie assisted. The four of us made our way out on the rocks and that’s when the fun began. Here are some of my favorites…


4 responses to “topographical couture photo shoot

  1. this is fabulous!
    I’m excited about your new work!!


  2. wow I think I might be your biggest fan !!! love it so much, can I have that dress or maybe the top part only for me in a bigger size ha ha ! { but I really would like to have one }
    Great job I am so impressed xoxo

  3. Hayley it is so beautiful! I am so so so impressed by the finished product. I cannot WAIT for my wedding dress, hehe.

    love and miss you.

  4. Hayley! I am loving this dress! It is freaking GORGEOUS. Can’t wait to see the rest of the line! So glad to see you’re still sewing.


    p.s. love your blog

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