old treasures

Last night I was looking for a writing utensil in my old desk when I stumbled upon my sea urchin collection from my trip to Newfoundland three summers ago. I accompanied an artist to assist her with documenting the icebergs in Twillingate. The memories of our trip flooded in prompting me to delve deep into the external hard-drive to find my photographs. Our trip started in the end of May and went into the first week of June. It seemed so wrong to be packing all of my winter layers in melting temperatures, but each item was put to good use! On the first of June it snowed and not a day went by that I did not sport my snow pants with my down jacket and winter accessories. The seaside fishing community provided a home away from home and the location on the mouth of the Exploits River presented a breath taking collection of icebergs making their way into the Notre Dame Bay. If you ever are in a toss up for a place to visit during iceberg season let me suggest the magestic seaside town of Twillingate for an experience like no other.


2 responses to “old treasures

  1. yay, hayley these are beautiful photos! I never saw them before! Now I really, really, really want to go to Newfoundland.

    I can so see the wheels turning in your brain right now – urchin-textured dresses maybe?

  2. wow what is the last pic ? maybe if I had read the whole thing I would know, but I just got up and its way to early! xoxo

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