vintage balls

make me sooo happy! I’ve been slowly collecting these over the past few months, some from antique stores in the outskirts of Maryland and then my big score in Newburyport in MA two days ago. I set out today with the mission of finding a cute little tree that I would be able to hold this collection. I searched the backyard and had little luck, then around the corner I found the big tree. I ran inside grabbed the clippers and wholla! Charlie Brown would be so proud! My mom notified me upon my return that the condominium association wouldn’t approve of my unauthorized pruning, but I’m pretty sure no one saw me. The tree went in a vase, the back patio was excavated and the the top was tied off to the base of the vessel. The balls went on quickly and filled up the little guy beautifully!

(here is a better shot of the crusty glittered vintage trees on the mantel.)


One response to “vintage balls

  1. Love the pine tree branch in the vase with the vintage bulbs!

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