a classic revived

2010 is off to a great start! I had exciting plans on visiting my friends in Bar Harbor for New Year’s, and as I was making my way north I stopped in at L.L. Bean to pick up a pair of the classic bean boot. I was half pleasantly surprised and half enraged when I was told that they were sold out and were on back order until March! The sales woman said that they had been written up in a fashion magazine and all of NYC and D.C. had snatched them up! I ordered my boots in hopes of mud puddle jumping in the end of March and continued on my journey through the snowy night.
My three days in Bar Harbor were beautifully frigid and bubbly. For the holiday I borrowed my friend’s father’s vintage bean boots to complete my look (a metallic gold mini, black tights & black cashmere cardigan.) It was the most comfortable night out! I highly recommend bean boots for any special occasion in your future! On the morning of my departure I stood in calf deep snow cleaning off my car, my friend’s father emerged from the house and offered me the boots. This was exciting as I was standing in 8 inches of snow with my slipper clogs! (My boot is in the very middle in the above diagram.)
Today was my first day at Seabags and as I dressed I wanted to wear the new beauties, but alas I didn’t know if this would be work appropriate. As I walked through the door I spotted more than 2 feet dressed in the classic rubber sole and leather upper laced to impress!!! I am so excited for tomorrow and I think my boots are too!
Sorry I got a little carried away there, what I really wanted to say was,

3 responses to “a classic revived

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  2. Way to put that Battista to use! Congrats on the boots.

  3. too bad john’s not on facebook – his great loss!!!

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