something old and something new

Tonight during a free moment I took Pentagram’s”what type are you” quiz. After answering the four questions I learned that I am pistilli roman. Check out that ampersand!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Try it out for yourself (password: character)

Later while surfing my favorite blogs I discoverd Rogues Gallery spring 2010 collection preview on YASLY | Blog of Man. Alex Carleton the founder of Rogues Gallery is also designing the new Signature Line for L.L. Bean to be released this coming March. Many exciting things to come in the near future from Portland / Freeport, ME!

On a side note I spent a couple hours painting homasote board tonight. Studio here I come!


One response to “something old and something new

  1. i got plastica!

    and your studio project has inspired me to really re-do my room into my own studio and bedroom space. i’m excited! can’t wait to see how yours turns out too!

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