the grand unveiling of my studio!

I must first apologize for the sheer volume of photographs, but I wanted to give you the full tour. The table is topped with a collection of vintage tin cans, paint box and a flour sifter with small painted cakes on the side, on the far right is a collection of old fruit boxes and rocks, yes rocks. I take pleasure in simple things. Above hanging on the homosote board is a collection of some of my favorite photos from the past. Across the window is another recycled sail banner (made with the leftovers from an earlier project.) The Skipjack box I snatched from the recycling while waitressing in Bar Harbor this past summer at The Burning Tree Restaurant. A vintage dresser keeps me organized while an old wooden fruit box holds a few of my favorite books and magazines. Candies from a Russian Market in Boston hold a pinwheel in a glass jar next to the books with my grandmother’s old rotary telephone on the far right. Above the dresser I’ve hung a few vintage maps, photographs and screenprinted poster I bought while at MICA. I am still looking for a stool and am going to paint the old captain’s chair energetic orange. Here’s the beginning! More to come!

(yes that is a crocheted hostess cupcake pin cushion) (I didn’t make it)

the vintage fisherman knome keeps me company.


3 responses to “the grand unveiling of my studio!

  1. Awesome, Hayley! I’m super jealous of the space 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! There it is! Hayley, the room looks fantastic! I cannot wait to see what you crank out. You must feel so much more inspired now in your own space! Lovely job darling!

  3. oo, I am loving your space … such a great place for creativity and what amazing light to spark inspiration!! Did you make the piece on the door?

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