Rodarte at the Cooper-Hewitt

SO excited to be heading to the snow covered big apple next Friday! The Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum is opening “Quicktake: Rodarte” tomorrow and I will have an opportunity to see the installation in person! Rodarte is the sister team of Laura and Kate Mulleavy, the ladies started the label as a creative outlet and with their experimental approach to design they were soon were noticed. Rodarte was awareded the 2009 Womenswear Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and were fashion design finalists for Cooper-Hewitt’s 2009 National Design Awards. (thank you Cool Hunting for the heads up)


2 responses to “Rodarte at the Cooper-Hewitt

  1. Their stuff looks great. Just spent some time looking at the website. Wish i could shoot some of this clothe that be awsome.

    Hope you enjoy the show.

  2. cool! The New Yorker just ran an article about Rodarte, I’ll send it to you. I like how they’re kind of anti-fashion-industry yet the fashion industry loves them.

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