it’s a magazine kind of month!

This month is all about design/ers in good magazines! I had the opportunity to work on an incredible project with a talented group of designers, professors and professionals during my senior year at MICA. We traveled to Greensboro, Alabama to work with HERO, a non-profit housing resource center. While in Greensboro our group worked with John Bielenberg, founder of project m and the idea of thinking wrong. Through a 48-hour blitz of thinking wrong we developed the concept for bringing awareness of HERO to both the local and outside community. Our final design was featured in this months issue of HOW magazine.  As a testament to John’s visionary thinking, philosophy and design, he is featured this month in MAINE the magazine. This is one of the most beautifully designed magazines to come out of Maine, featuring breathtaking photography, design, culture and cuisine … the list goes on! While John is a partner in the San Francisco design strategy firm C2 he lives in Belfast, ME. He welcomes young creatives each year to the Bielenberg Institute at the Edge of the Earth to think wrong in order to create social change through innovation. Both great magazines are worth checking out! (if you want me to mail you a copy of MAINE let me know)


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