bean boots take NYC by storm

I was blown away last Monday at D&A when I picked up the WWD newspaper. I flipped open the paper and I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. Tommy Hilfiger was the finale for New York Fashion Week and one of his sporty looks made the cover. Hilfiger said he was inspired by the young Katharine Hepburn but I’m pretty sure LL Bean had a little impact on his design too. What makes this little show and tell story is that only days before I agonized over footwear while packing for NYC, unsure if my bean boots would be appropriate for the big apple. In the end I sported them each day in New York and the best part? my boots were complimented both at D&A and on the subway! Lesson learned: wear what makes you feel happy because it is only a matter of time before the fashion world will pick up on it.

Women’s Bean Boot


One response to “bean boots take NYC by storm

  1. As much as I love sexy shoes, comfy sometimes outweighs!

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