Monhegan Island

I just returned home from my first trip to Monhegan! We were greeted by an overcast day but by evening the sun joined us for a house warming party along with music in the garden. The island’s picturesque landscape is accented with weathered shingled houses tucked into the wooded rocky coastline. So many wonderful people and vistas I truly felt at home having grown up on the coastline in southern Maine. I was able to get in a little painting on Monday but the rain cut the day short so I set the alarm and got up early my last day. To my surprise the morning was crystal clear. The island captured my heart from the moment I stepped off the boat and I am already planning for my next trip back. During my 4 day stay  I captured over 400 photographs. Widdling it down to a little “show & tell” sampler was very difficult!


4 responses to “Monhegan Island

  1. Griffin your painting is GORGEOUS! Very Connie Hayes! I am so, so so jealous of you getting to paint in this beautiful spot. I especially love the photograph at sunrise with all the glowing golden rocks…mmmm can’t wait to be in Maine.

  2. love your painting, would love to see the finish product, my wife and live in charleston sc and have been vacationing the past 4 years in port clyde/monhegan. We will be returning back to the island this fall – such a special place!

    • I will be setting up in my studio at home to finish the painting with the references photos I took and plan to share the finished piece. I hope to make Monhegan an annual trip or maybe if I am lucky a biannual excursion. I know you will have a memorable trip!

  3. Beautiful! Love the 6th photo the best.

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