Juntura Wedding

Last weekend I celebrated the wedding of some dear friends in picturesque Poland Springs, Maine. The weather cooperated and with a couple of raindrops for good luck we enjoyed sunny skys for the big day. My boyfriend and I had quite the time wrapping the presents and I thought I would share our final presentation with you! I wanted to go with a sophisticated black & white palette with accents of gold. So while we were out shopping for the gifts we stopped at a craft store and wandered the aisles looking for inspiration, what did we find? mini cupcake wrappers caught my eye along with a pack of googly eyes. I immediately thought of the SNL sketch with Christopher Walken as the Googly Eyed Gardener. enjoy the video here. So with double sided tape and a bottle of Elmer’s glue Kris and I began our tasks, we took turns taping cupcake wrappers to the dust buster box and glueing googly eyes to the cocktail shaker. I wrapped a bouquet of kitchen utensils with white tissue and then finished it with a gold tissue around the “stems” and tied everything with a criss crossed black ribbon.

I also had the pleasure of assisting the Groom with his Groomsmen gifts. Jamie is an avid brewer so he wanted to gift custom beer glasses with a homemade brew. He came to me with the name and concept and I designed the labels for the bottles. I wanted to create as close a representation of the couple as I could, and then added the little detail of Rachael holding the key to the ball & chain. Such a wonderful couple with such a brilliant sense of humor!


One response to “Juntura Wedding

  1. Griffin…
    These gifts are really awesome..i love them so much especially the one with cupcake wrappers… ur touch is really cool……

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