lobster + stylish bib = beautifully delicious summer night

Summer is the perfect time to boil a big pot of water, invite your favorite people together and have a big lobster feed. Your challenge? stay clean! Thank you Design*Sponge for this wonderful post on how to look cute while enjoying your tasty crustacean! read full post here.

lobster trivia:

q. How can I tell how old a lobster is? a. Multiply the lobster’s weight by 4, then add 3

q. Do lobsters eat before or after sunset? a. After sunset

q. What do lobsters primarily eat in the summer? a. Lobster bait

q. How many years does is take for a lobster to grow one pound? a. 7 years

q. What happens if a lobster loses a leg, antenna or claw? a. They grow back

q. Are lobsters’ left or right claws larger? a. Lobsters exhibit “handedness”, so either

q. What is a male lobster called? a. A cock

q. How long is a lobster’s life? a. 100 years

q. Where are a lobster’s teeth? a. In their stomach

q. What body part does a lobster listen with? a. Its legs

q. What does a lobster taste with? a. Its feet

q. How many Red Lobster restaurants are in the United States? a. Nearly 700

q. Do lobsters really scream when boiled? a. No, they don’t, as they don’t have vocal chords

q. How can you tell the difference between a male and female lobster? a. The tail: the female has a more flattened and broadened tail.

q. What are the two main lobster types? a. The American and the Spiny

q. How long can a lobster live out of water? a. Two days

q. What U.S. state produces the most lobster? a. Maine

q. How many pairs of legs to lobsters have? a. 5

q. What do you call a female lobster? a. A hen

q. When is a lobster a chicken? a. When it weighs about one pound

q. When is a lobster a pistol? a. When it has no claws

q. Why are lobsters claws banded? a. They become cannibalistic in tight quarters

q. What is the biggest lobster on record? a. 43 pounds

Read more at Design*Sponge


One response to “lobster + stylish bib = beautifully delicious summer night

  1. A lobster is called a “pistol” when it has only one claw.

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