last weekend I traveled with my boyfriend and his family to a beachside community for some sun, pier fries and sand. here is a snapshot of the trip.


3 responses to “Vacationland

  1. wow, haven’t thought about OOB in a long time! Old Orchard Beach, for me will always mean 2 things: 8th grade beach day (as a 7th grader, I remember how envious I was of the older kids who got to go to OOB. It seemed sooo cool.) and awkward high school dates (too young to drink, so all the bars on the boardwalk were out….that left the beach, which was always full of drunk people, and the really sketchy clubs…) In any case, I like your version much better! L, A

  2. yes, you made this look very nice, and oh so designy (you have that effect of things i guess) keep up the posting, happy to follow!

  3. GREAT pics! Your designer eye certainly captured some wonderful images of the night scenes.

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