cans are not for soda/beer anymore!

I have always loved the SANPELLEGRINO soda cans and bottles. After looking at the beautiful can for a couple of days I had an idea, remove the top with a can opener and use it to hold my pens and pencils at my desk. It worked and I love it! This opened up a whole worlds of possibilities for emptied soda and beer cans. For the beer connoisseur in your life, or just a joke gift this is a win-win, you get a drink and they get a thoughtful gift! I also thought of poking holes in it to turn it into a mini candle lantern. Oh the possibilities! All you need is some loose writing utensils, a can opener and your favorite can.

(before and after)


One response to “cans are not for soda/beer anymore!

  1. Genius! I want a San Pellegrino Chinotto Pen and Pencil Holder!


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