mini faux antler ornament

I make a valiant effort to enjoy the thanksgiving season, but with holiday displays going up in the windows and commercials everywhere it is hard not to get a little ahead of the seasons. I have wanted to mount faux antlers for awhile now and found the perfect application, a holiday ornament! Here is what you will need: twigs, cream & gold acrylic paint, paint brush, brown micron pen (or a brown pen of your choice) pencil, x-acto knife, double sided tape &/or glue, string, cardboard, scissors & a pin (a t pin is great!) You may click photos to enlarge.

First paint your “antlers” and set aside to dry, next create your mount. You will want to cut out 2 layers one smaller than the other. The bottom to your mount you will paint with your gold acrylic, the top you can draw a woodgrain pattern. Next attach the two pieces together with either glue or double sided tape. Take your string and thread it through the corrugated spaces and tie at the bottom, this will create a secure hanger for your antlers. Now take your pin and make two holes to place your antlers, use a drop of glue to secure the twigs in the cardboard base. Finally attach a nickel (or a coin of your choice) to the back of the mount, this will help to balance the ornament when you go to hang it. Enjoy!


4 responses to “mini faux antler ornament

  1. These are friggin’ AWESOME!!!

  2. Hayley! This is SO cute!

  3. OK, Blair stole the exact words I was going to use, so I’ll have to say this little ornament is freakin’ awesome! And OMG what patience you have!

  4. I am totally stealing this idea to make for my boyfriend for xmas (he likes to hunt lol)! so awesome!
    p.s. hope you don’t think i’m stalking you after posting on your fb wall, commenting on your photo, writing on your blog…. ok, maybe i am… but i haven’t seen you in years! i need to catch up!

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