Here is a little mix of the last 24 hours…

Today after work I did a little shopping, picking out some fun tissue paper to create decorations for my sister’s graduation party. I also picked up some beautiful stationery to add to my collection. I absolutely love the colors of rifle paper co.’s cards, the tactile hand of the letterpressed and screenprinted cards.

Last night I had dinner with my sister and father and while I was in my father’s basement I discovered amongst all of his lobstering gear this little arrow. He told me the stories from when he worked on a swordfish boat and how this arrow was used at the tip of the fishing harpoon. I love the history of the artifact but my favorite part is how it has oxidized over the years. The last couple photos are of a scarf I just recently rediscovered from a trip I took with my boyfriend a couple of summers ago. We were out on a motorcycle ride and discovered this incredible antique barn in the country. After at least an hour exploring I found this vintage souvenir scarf and couldn’t pass it up! I decided today that I want to figure out a way to frame it so I can hang it in my studio.

1. Rifle Paper Co. 2.Rifle Paper Co 3. One Canoe Two Letterpress 4. Yellow Owl Workshop 5. Enormous Champion


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