DIY Card Design

As you can see here + here, I love handmade cards. So, this past weekend when I attended a birthday celebration I of course brought a Hayley original! Before starting, I sat down at my desk to brainstorm exactly what I wanted to make. While looking though the drawers and materials, I found my collection of old catalogues and inspiration struck! Here are the simple steps to creating your own fun, one of a kind card.

Materials you will need: Piece of folded paper for card, magazine or old catalogue, double-sided tape, thread or string, needle (optional), a fun pen + scissors.

Scroll down for directions.

1. I selected an old J.Crew book and cut out patterned swatches and background scenes from the colorful photo shoots.

2. Next I chose my preferred balloon size (a jar lid) and started tracing and cutting out my shapes. Cut out small triangles to form the balloon knots, too!

3. To secure the balloons to the card I used a couple of pieces of double-sided tape per circle. If your paper edges curl up you can add more tape.

4. Now balloons and triangle knots are all taped down.

5. I used gold thread and a needle to sew around the balloon tails. After I went through the front of the card and back I knotted off the thread and cut it to my desired length. If you do not want to use this method you can attach the thread underneath your balloons as you are taping them down.

6. Finally, hand letter your message. I used a gold metallic pen for a little glam!

Happy creating!


2 responses to “DIY Card Design

  1. I love those! What a great idea. I have so much scrappy material that this would be perfect for. Thanks!

  2. On first glance I thought it was fabric but it’s paper. I guess fabric would work too. Still cute idea!

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