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Dinner in a Dash

I had my father over for dinner after work Monday and made one of my favorite recipes from a restaurant I used to work at… pan seared prosciutto wrapped scallops served with a nest of fettuccine tossed with arugula, parmesan and olive oil! The scallops were finished with a dollop of French orange marmalade for the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Bon Apetit!



House Warming Gift

I have two close friends who have just bought their first house together and are having a party tonight. Since we are in full swing of the holiday season a pair of homemade stockings seemed fitting. I recycled 2 great sweaters and added matching red wool loops. I hope Santa stuffs these full!


A tasty new read!

I am thrilled that Deb the lovely lady behind the delicious blog, smitten kitchen has published her first cookbook! While I was out shopping last weekend I discovered the beautiful mouthwatering book. This will be going to the top of my wish list for Santa!!



A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

1. I found this little guy on Pinterest and absolutley had to make him for the pumpkin carving party I hosted last week.

2. While out and about I found some great cobalt blue bulk lacing and knew immediately that I had to have it to spruce up my Bean boots! I love the pop!

3. Packed up and ready to go for our trip up to Bar Harbor this past weekend. But not before a quick pit stop in Rockland for a Peter Wolf concert! (4.)

5. A great anchor spotted while walking around Bar Harbor.

On another note I hope everyone within Sandy’s reach is safe and sound!

DIY Party Garland

I love making decorations for any occasion and this past weekend I had the pleasure of crafting 55 feet of silver garland with a friend for a restaurant’s silver anniversary celebration! Below you will find a DIY tutorial on how to make your very own garland.


Materials: Tissue and Mylar paper, twine, rotary cutter, scissors, ruler, cutting mat, thread & sewing machine.

1. Select your desired tissue paper colors. Consider adding some metallic Mylar paper for extra shimmer!

2. First decide how full you want the garland. I layer 4 pieces of tissue folded in half for mine (so the end product is 8 sheets thick), but you can do more or less. Next take your layers of tissue folded in half and with a ruler, cut your desired widths perpendicular from the fold. I vary the widths for visual interest. Continue until you have all your pieces ready to sew into your garland.

3. Now take one of your sections and place the twine against the fold in the middle of the tissue sheets. Measure about 12 inches in from the end of the twine and tie a knot to keep the paper from sliding; this will also leave enough twine to hang the garland. Set your first tissue section next to the knot and begin to sew your garland.  Keep the needle set just to the left of the paper edge to allow enough space for the twine to fit. I also find it helpful to set my stitch size to the largest setting.

4. When you have completed your first section, make sure your needle is in the down position and lift your foot to add your next tissue paper section. You will repeat this process until your garland is the desired length. While sewing, think about alternating paper colors and maybe switching between tissue and Mylar. Note: I keep the ball of twine in my lap so I do not run out while I am sewing. I cut it after I have finished the garland.

5. This is what your garland will start to look like as you add more sections of folded tissue to your twine.

6. Once you have finished attaching all of your tissue sections to the twine use a ruler and rotary cutter to make the tassels. Make sure you leave a inch or so at the top so that you do not cut your twine. The rotary cutter makes this process a breeze! The first garland I made I used scissors and it took much longer to cut out, but it still works.

7. Depending on your chosen length, the cut portion may need to run onto the floor as you move through to the end. Despite being made of tissue paper, the garland is stronger than you might think. It will hold together!

8. Abbie shows off our progress!

9. Go forth and decorate happily!

Saturday’s Dinner Party

Last night I made Martha’s Vietnamese Kabobs with a delicious dipping sauce served in lettuce wraps for my father and boyfriend. I paired the kabobs with a coconut basmati rice and lemon snow peas. The dinner was a huge success and for our second course my Lobsterman father prepared grilled lobster tails and steamed lobsters!! For dessert I roasted nectarine halves and served them with a scoop of Haagen Dazs vanilla bean ice cream and a sprinkling of blueberries. It was delicious evening filled with great conversation!


shades of orange and rays of sunshine

I am getting very excited for the warm weather of spring to blossom into the summer. Also, I may have gone on a little dream shopping spree at tonight in preparation for the season to come….