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Dinner in a Dash

I had my father over for dinner after work Monday and made one of my favorite recipes from a restaurant I used to work at… pan seared prosciutto wrapped scallops served with a nest of fettuccine tossed with arugula, parmesan and olive oil! The scallops were finished with a dollop of French orange marmalade for the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Bon Apetit!



A tasty new read!

I am thrilled that Deb the lovely lady behind the delicious blog, smitten kitchen has published her first cookbook! While I was out shopping last weekend I discovered the beautiful mouthwatering book. This will be going to the top of my wish list for Santa!!


It’s the most delicious time of year!

I hope you all had a delicious holiday with friends and family this past week! I spent the holiday with my family and made a homemade cornbread stuffing and a pumpkin cream pie to share. (Thank you Martha.) My sister roasted the most succulent turkey with a sage herbed butter rub paired with creamy garlic mashed potatoes, roasted squash, green beans with homemade candied walnuts and the most incredible roasted root vegetable salad on baby greens. My mom made her famous squash rolls, pecan tart and chilled mousse with raspberry drizzle. Mmmm! Let the tasty festivities continue!

I am still savoring the yummy leftovers!

Photo by Con Poulos


Over the last few days I have indulged in some of the things that make me happy. Art, food, Maine and friends! Here is what I’ve been up to…

1. Earlier this week I was browsing Etsy and on a whim searched for “paint by numbers”. I’ve had a love of paint by numbers for some time, so when I found this lovely set of lighthouse paintings from Johnny Vintage I splurged and bought it. I am thrilled every time I walk through my dinning room! Picture via Johnny Vintage

2. Is there anything better than a warm, homemade ginger snap cookie? I know it’s hard to envision, but yes there is! I just baked off a batch of my grandmother’s classic ginger snaps and got just a little creative with some ice cream. A scoop of French vanilla ice cream between two cookies makes for a share-worthy sandwich. My boyfriend and I polished off our ginger snap ice cream sandwich in record time with an accompanying glass of milk. What a marvelous way to enjoy warm homemade cookies!

3. Enjoying the seasonal foliage in the rain.

4. One night after work when all the shops and boutiques in Portland, ME were closed and sleeping, I popped into the city for a stroll and some window-shopping. I especially love the old cobblestone streets around the city, and here on Wharf Street.

5. That same night I grabbed a bite to eat with some friends at Portland Lobster Co. Despite the cold, rainy October evening we thoroughly enjoyed our heated tent on the wharf overlooking the waterfront.

a petite treat

My new favorite delicious discovery is Trader Joe’s Mini Hold the Cone Ice Cream Cones in chocolate. They are the perfect little sweet treat and I highly reccomend them! enjoy!

Thank you to OhJoy for the proper introduction to this delightful dessert!

a fall treat

Recently, my mother went apple picking and shared her abundant harvest with me… looks like I won’t need to go again until next fall! Unfortunately this also means that I won’t be enjoying the homemade apple cider donuts at my favorite orchard. So, Saturday afternoon I took a break from a quilt I am working on (cannot wait to share that with you!) to make some apple cider donuts of my own. Off I went to Google! I stumbled into the lovely blog, Smitten Kitchen, and found the most amazing recipe for apple cider donuts from Deb. It takes a few steps but it’s well worth the work! I can’t quite explain the blissful feeling I had when I sat down in front of a platter (plus a cake stand!) full of hot glazed and cinnamon-sugar-dipped donuts. After enjoying 2 donuts, some sliced apple, and cheese I decided to share this seasonal favorite with the neighborhood and put together plates for door-to-door delivery. I would highly recommend this recipe and the Smitten Kitchen blog!

cupcake break

Last Friday I made a quick business trip to NYC for the day. While running around the city we stumbled upon Magnolia Bakery on Columbus Ave. After sitting down for a much needed break and enjoying a lemon cupcake we were on our way. (But not before I had filled a box to take home!) I had forgotten how wonderful cupcakes are. What are your favorite flavors? I think the classic chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream was my favorite!